Charlton Today

Charlton and the surrounding district has a population of approximately 1200 residents comprising of a vibrant mix of families who have lived in Charlton for generations and newer residents who have moved to Charlton for employment, retirement or simply a change of pace.

Charlton’s origins are based on agriculture and farming is still integral to the prosperity of the town. The Charlton district is predominantly a cropping area where cereal grains, legumes and some oil crops are grown. The area is also well known for its prime lamb and wool production. Local industries include the Charlton Feedlot which has a capacity to feed 20,000 cattle, Ingham Poultry and Boral Quarry.

Our local service sector has most of Charlton’s needs well covered with electricians, plumbers, hairdressers, masseurs, sign writers and graphic artists just to name a few . Our retail sector has changed dramatically over the years and with the increase in traffic through the town, the opportunity to attract tourists as well as service local community needs, is a prime motive for our local retailers. We have a terrific range of food outlets and gift and clothing stores as well as the necessary shops required for everyday needs including a newsagent, two banks, two supermarkets, a second hand store and a hardware store.

Education is well covered with the Charlton P-12 College, Charlton Catholic Primary School, Charlton Pre-School and the North Central Trade Training Centre with caters for the surrounding towns and includes training in hairdressing, automotive, agriculture, hospitality, allied health and IT. Another excellent resource is the Driver Education Centre which has fully functional traffics lights, roundabouts and 1.7km of sealed roads.

A new hospital has been constructed since the 2011 floods, this facility incorporated an aged care facility and the ambulance service. This modern facility will amply service the needs of the community with full time doctors, emergency triage, visiting professionals such as physiotherapists and a helipad.

Charlton has an enormous range of clubs and venues that cover sports for all ages. We are part of the North Central Football League and host junior and senior football, netball and hockey teams for this competition. Based at Charlton Park on the west bank of the Avoca River, this facility is also home to the Charlton Harness Racing Club, the Lawn Tennis Club, the Angling Club and a 9 hole winter golf course. The Charlton Pony Club is located nearby with a cross country course alongside the river. Charlton has an 18 hole winter golf course located 5 km from Charlton. Set in a landscape teeming with native flora and fauna, it is a pretty spot for a visit any time of year. Charlton also has a croquet club and bowling club which have their own clubrooms and basketball and badminton clubs which are located at the Charlton Stadium situated at the P-12 College.

Leisure activities in Charlton are many and varied with yoga and tai chi classes, art classes, a garden club, ukulele club, the Red Hatters, Mens Shed, CWA Cabaritta, the RSL and Senior Citizens Club all providing ample opportunity for socialising. Bushwalking, bike riding and swimming are also popular pastimes with the swimming pool and plenty of parks, reserves and the Avoca River providing plenty of opportunities and locations to indulge.

Charlton has a wide range of entertainment options. The Rex Theatre is the pride and joy of the community. Run by volunteers, it has weekly screenings of new release films, art house cinema and live shows. Other events include a film festival, art show, agricultural show, open garden days, the Charlton Arts Cafe Culture Program, Charlton Courthouse Galley exhibitions and the local Golden Grains Museum.

Volunteering is the backbone of our town and there are many opportunities to get involved in community life. Whilst all of our clubs and organisations are run by volunteers we are fortunate to have three active service clubs who contribute significantly to the Charlton community; the Charlton Rotary Club, Charlton Lions Club and OASIS (Old Apexians Still in Service).

Charlton has an active religious community with four churches meeting regularly. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, St. Martin’s Anglican Church and the Charlton Uniting Church all hold regular services and are involved in helping the local community.

Local Government is represented in Charlton with an office of the Buloke Shire Council located in the main street.