‘Locals & Blow’ins’ doubles pool comp

Locals & Blow'ins Pool Comp, Friday Night, 22nd November. The Charlton Club will host the first annual Tell Your Friends You Love Them & OK Motels ‘Locals & Blow’ins’ doubles pool comp on Friday the 22nd November. ‘Locals & Blow’ins’ will be a round robin doubles pool competition inviting people coming to Charlton for the Ok Motels event to meet and team up with local residents of Charlton to form powerful pairs from both walks of life. The idea behind this is to bridge the gap/divide between country folk and city folk to create a welcoming space where everyone becomes more at ease and comfortable about sharing a night of stories, laughter and drinks. Come early and take the time to meet and get to know the lovely people of Charlton, listen to their stories, learn about the town itself and find your perfect pool partner. This isn’t so much about winning but more taking the time to engage with someone and hopefully make a life long friend in the process. Saying that, the winning couple will receive a prize pack, a locked in spot for the next comp as well, and more importantly, their names engraved on the ‘Locals & Blow’ins’ plaque to be hung at the Charlton Club. There'll also be Charlton Bakery pies, darts, and a good ol' fashioned meat raffle (if you’re into that kind of thing), all while DJ Tadpole (RRR’s Respect the Rock), plays tunes to bring us together. Please note, there will be name tags. Charlton Club opens at 5:30pm // Things happen from 7:30pm


Friday, November 22, 2019 - 19:30