Charlton Forum

Charlton Forum is a volunteer community group that represents the interests of the Charlton community. We liaise with the local community, the Buloke Shire and other relevant organizations on various issues, projects and events that effect our community. The Charlton Forum acts an auspice body for several community groups, assists with grants and coordination of projects, and conducts the Charlton Australia Day Awards each year.

The purposes of the association are to:
1.Promote the development of the Charlton community and the surrounding district;
2.Encourage the Charlton community to function in a positive and progressive manner;
3.Ensure that community facilities and infrastructure are appropriate to the community
4.Ensure the Charlton community is a valuable part of the broader Buloke community;
5.Maintain and enhance the quality of life for Charlton community residents;
6.Welcome and support new business opportunity whilst at the same time supporting the
development of existing business.

President – Alan Getley 0419 513 170
Secretary – Carolyn Olive 0418 361 971

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